Summer Reading

How Summer Reading Works:

Get a Reading Log at Nobles County Library in the Youth Room, starting June 15, 2020.  Each child will receive one reading log for the summer.

Earn library dollars this summer for reading. Every 20 minutes you read or someone reads to you, color one of the circles on your reading log. 3 circles = 1 library dollar to spend at the library store.  You can earn up to $25 on your reading log.


Activites and Events:

Join in the fun by attending Summer Reading Activities (see events below), and spend your library dollars. Note times and events are subject to cancellation, change of time, or additional times.

To comply with executive order 20-56, events will be limited to Nine people per event. Sign up on or before June 9, 2020.  (More events may be added if there is demand). Learn more with SRP 2020 Sign Up Information

And, if the COVID-19 guidelines permit, on August 12 we will end with a Carnival on the library lawn.

For the Whole Family

The Story Stroll is a fun activity you do completely outside of the library building. The story pages are posted through out the library lawn.  Each post you read a page or two from the story, some will have an activity to do.  At the end of the story stroll, there is a craft you may take and make at home. Tentative times are:

Five Little Monkeys Play Hide & Seek: June 8-12, 2020 10am—4pm

Have You Got My Purr?: July 13-17, 2020 10am—4pm

Story Stroll 3: August 17-21, 2020 10am—4pm

Window I Spy - is an outdoor activity.  Remember the I Spy books?  This is just like it, but on the Youth Room window.  Just stop by the youth room for your I Spy list and let the search begin. How many items you can find! You may be lucky enough to win a prize!!! (The Window I Spy will change bi-weekly)

Bingo Scavenger Hunt - is a weekly outdoor activity.  Stop by the youth room for your bingo sheet and see if you can get a bingo or work for a black out (finding all the items on your bingo sheet).  This activity is for you to take home, you have a week to find the items in your backyard, neighborhood or around town. Happy searching!! Remember to turn in for a prize.



Ages 0-5


Online videos for you to watch on the Ages 0-5 page.

In-person storytimes will be limited to no more than nine attendees, including caregivers.

Join us each week for storytelling, action verses, crafts & games!


10am – 11am

Tentative Schedule:

June 17 –  Space—Join us for an out of this world story time with silly stories & more.

June 24 – Dino Dig — It’s time for the           Dinosaur Stomp. So get ready to wiggle &  giggle.

July 1–  Be Who You Are.  It’s great to be you!

July 8Fun with Seeds—Come and see how our wacky garden grows!

July 15—NO PROGRAM—Story Stroll

July 22—Hibernation—Shhhhh! Don’t wake the bear.

 July 29—Let’s Get Messy  - Join us for a colorful day.

August 5 —Storms Coming—  Storms don’t have to be scary.  Join the fun & leave the scary behind!



Grades 1-3

Dig Deeper

Online videos for you to watch on the children's page.

In-person programs will be limited to no more than nine attendees at this time.

Join us each week for stories, crafts & games! Some days we may be getting wet!!


1pm – 2pm

Tentative schedule:

 June 17 Worms are GREAT!— Just ask a worm!  Join us for a squiggle—wiggle good time.

June 24 Under Ground Animals: Can you guess who they are??

July 1 Scent Detectives—How good is your sniffer.  Join us and find out.

July 8 Jeopardy Naturally—Join us for a mini Jeopardy game.  Prizes for the correct answer!

 July 15NO PROGRAM-Story Stroll

 July 22—Slime-a-Palooza— It’s time to bust out the slime.

July 29—Marvelous Mummies— We’re all wrapped up in more ways than one!!

August 5—  Scream for Ice Cream: Just what a hot summer day needs ICE CREAM!


Grades 4-5

Dig into FUN!

Join us each week for a story, experiments, crafts and games. Don't forget, you may get wet some days!!!


1pm -2:30pm (times may change, make sure to check our website)

Tentative schedule:

 June 18—  Who cut the CHEESE?

Learn how cheese got it’s start and  sample some too.

June 25 - Who put the cookies in the cookie jar?  Was it you?  Join us to find out who.

July 2Fractured Fairy Tales?  Find out the other side of the story.

July 9 – It’s  all in the CONE! Join us to find out how the ice cream cone was            invented & sample it too.

July 16NO PROGRAM -  Story Stroll         

July 23— Let go OWLING!  Ever see an owl pellet & wonder what’s inside.  Join us to find out.

July 30– Jeopardy Game—HARRY POTTER!!!! Read Harry Potter          series and win prizes for the correct      answer or should I say question!

 August 6—Bust Out The Solar Oven –it’s time to make S’mores!!!


Middle & High School

1 pm– 3pm
Please remember this information
is subject to change.

Tentative schedule:

June 16— Go where no man has gone!! It’s Glow in the Dark Space Bingo, try galaxy Popcorn and make your name in the galaxy!

June 23—Around the world in maybe, how many dishes?
Join us as we make foods from other countries.
June 30—Jurassic Park Trivia

July 7— Edible experiments
Have you ever eaten nails for breakfast???


July 21—Can you escape
Join us for fun & prizes!!!

July 28— Downtown Scavenger Hunt!!!! Please read The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann. Wear walking shoes. We will meet back at the library for a snack, beverage, and PRIZES.

& Water Wars to follow.


                   August 12                                      (Wednesday)                       Summer Reading Carnival
Volunteers needed!