Summer Reading

August 28th is the last day the library store will be open. Make sure to turn in your Summer Reading Logs, Window I Spy sheets, or Bingo Scavenger Hunt cards by August 28 to earn library dollars and choose your prize(s)!

How Summer Reading Works:

Get a Reading Log at Nobles County Library in the Youth Room, starting June 15, 2020.  Each child will receive one reading log for the summer.

Earn library dollars this summer for reading. Every 20 minutes you read or someone reads to you, color one of the circles on your reading log. 3 circles = 1 library dollar to spend at the library store.  You can earn up to $25 on your reading log.


Activites and Events:

Join in the fun by attending Summer Reading Activities (see events below), and spend your library dollars. Note times and events are subject to cancellation, change of time, or additional times.

For the Whole Family

The Story Stroll is a fun activity you do completely outside of the library building. The story pages are posted through out the library lawn.  Each post you read a page or two from the story, some will have an activity to do.  At the end of the story stroll, there is a craft you may take and make at home. Tentative times are:

Five Little Monkeys Play Hide & Seek: June 8-12, 2020 10am—4pm

Have You Got My Purr?: July 13-17, 2020 10am—4pm

Backyard Bugs: August 17-21, 2020 10am—4pm

Window I Spy - is an outdoor activity.  Remember the I Spy books?  This is just like it, but on the Youth Room window.  Just stop by the youth room for your I Spy list and let the search begin. How many items you can find! You may be lucky enough to win a prize!!! (The Window I Spy will change bi-weekly)

Bingo Scavenger Hunt - is a weekly outdoor activity.  Stop by the youth room for your bingo sheet and see if you can get a bingo or work for a black out (finding all the items on your bingo sheet).  This activity is for you to take home, you have a week to find the items in your backyard, neighborhood or around town. Happy searching!! Remember to turn in for a prize.